Artist Statement

For me, writing poetry is about soul retrieval—and playfulness. Re-membering myself in the things of the world: nature, people, places, ideas, objects who reflect soul back to me—hidden luminous caches where I left pieces of my Self for safe keeping, and now come back to reunite with them, remember myself, remember you, join in what Murat Yagan calls the jamboree of Universal Dance.

There is a beautiful nomadic volute writing us as we write back and forth between the actual and imaginal, grief and joy, enslavement and freedom, ego and soul, resistance and flow, spark and essence. I love the collaborative ignition of writing with other poets, love also the solitary flash or unfolding of essence—to dig deep, deeper, keep on writing into the unknown, straight to Oneness, discovery, insight, pain, delight, a new octave or world. More and more, this is what powers my life, be it reflective, receptive, playful, or visionary.

Laughter sometimes allows us to bear the unbearable. It also can both connect us in a fresh way or free us from our story.


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